Review: In My Mosque

In My Mosque

Author: M. O. Yuksel

Illustrator: Hatem Aly

Published in 2021 by HarperCollins

In My Mosque is a loving and lyrical picture book that centers family, inclusion, and community while teaching readers about Islamic traditions and faith. Joy and compassion accompany the young narrators as they share their experience in their mosque. Told from the perspective of children, the text is engaging and accessible. The prominent message celebrates acceptance, warmth, and connection: “In my mosque, we pray for peace, love, and joy… just like my friends who worship in churches, temples, and synagogues.” Rich with figurative language, In My Mosque honors cherished rituals and traditions: “In my mosque, aunties’ hijabs sway like a sea of flowers as we move through our prayers.” Vibrant illustrations depict families praying, helping neighbors, collecting food donations, and enjoying precious time together. This book is a marvelous story complete with an author’s note, glossary, and resources for learning more about notable mosques around the world.

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